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Bandung is one of the major cities in Indonesia, located in the province of West Java. This city is a famous city with a cool atmosphere and the friendliness of the surrounding communities. Because of this, this city also has another nickname of "Kota Kembang" or which in English means as the city of flowers. This does not mean that Bandung is a city full of flowers, but the beauty of the atmosphere, social, and environmental hygiene makes this city like a flower. It can be said that Bandung is a great city that also one of the centers of economic growth in Indonesia, which also has a beauty of the countryside. a perfect match wasn't it?

There are many reasons why someone intended to or have already visited Bandung. People visit Bandung to study as a student, on vacation, going home, office affairs, and many other reasons. No matter the reason people come to Bandung, surely everyone needs a place to stay when coming to this place. In this case, some people may be living in their own house or property, staying with a friend, sibling or parent is also often a choice. But for those

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Located on the estuary of Yangtze River, Chongming Island is the third largest island in China. Being the largest alluvial island at the estuary of a river and the largest sand island in the world, Chongming Island is also acclaimed as “Door to the Yangtze River, Yingzhou Island (a celestial mountain in fairy tales of ancient China) in the East China Sea”. Chongming Island has been in existence for more than 1,300 years. Now, it covers an area of 1,267 square kilometers (489 square miles), with a population of 635,000.

The whole island is flat in terms of terrain, with fertile soil, luxuriant forests and abundant resources. As a result, Chongming Island has become a famous region where the cultivation of rice and the breeding of fish flourish.

Green Farmland

According to a survey by an authoritative institution, the negative oxygen ion amount in the Chongming Island reaches up to 1,000 per cubic centimeter, and more in Dongping National Forest Park between 10,000 and 20,000. In contrast, the negative oxygen ion amount is only between 10 and 20 per cubic centimeter in the public places of the city and between 100 and 200 in the green land of the

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A snapshot of Karla's life as a photographer

Karla Darocas talks to My Destination Alicante about her love of photography.

First of all, I would like you to know that I am born and raised in Canada. I married a Spaniard and I love living and being here in Spain. I am grateful to Spain in so many ways, mostly artistically.

Because I was raised rural, surrounded by nature and adorable little wild animals, I was always interested in beauty.

Grandpa taught me to look out the window and find a corner of beauty and try and sketch it out. He showed me how to see the simplicity that made me smile. And together we would try and sketch it.  To manifest the beauty and let it make us happy even more.

Photography: I had every kind of camera growing up. I loved to capture beauty and photography was quicker than sketching.

When I was 16, I did some reporting for my hometown newspaper. The deal was that I had to take the photos to go with a written report. Unlike today with digital cameras, I was given one roll of film – 12 shots. I had to be fast

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How to Get Good Deals on Jackson Hole Hotels Jackson Hole is a town in Wyoming that hosts a variety of restaurants, pubs, boutiques, and galleries. It provides great biking, hiking, and other outdoor activities. There are many hotels in Jackson Hole providing different types of foods and for various budgets. You are sure to find a suitable place regardless of whether you are looking for simplicity or luxury, convenience or solitude, modern or rustic. If you are planning a vacation in Jackson Hole or if you are traveling for pleasure or for a purpose, definitely you will need a place to stay. Here are tips to help you get the best deals when booking Jackson Hole hotels. Many people, these days rely on the internet when planning for vacations. From booking flights, cars, and hotels, there are many travel search engines where you can get instant price quotes whenever you need them.
A Simple Plan For Researching Services
Online hotel reservations is increasingly becoming popular with the advancement in technology today. Online reservations is highly recommended since it is convenient, inexpensive, and could allow you to discover all alternatives for the convenience

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Imagine a backpacker and you might envision an unanchored youth with well-worn jeans and limitless endurance. But backpacking is about much more than gap-year students and gritty hostels. Backpacking is about adventure and independence — and it’s one of the cheapest ways to take a trip, which is why older travelers, travelers on a budget, and even those who prefer private bathrooms and upscale cuisine shouldn’t snub the ways of the wily backpacker.

Adopt the mindset of a backpacker and improve your travel savvy. In an uncertain economic environment, the lessons backpackers can teach us about traveling on the cheap are positively priceless. From packing an ultra-light bag (you can rub your six-pound pack in the noses of nickel-and-diming airlines) to finding affordable food and accommodations, backpackers truly know how to travel.

Lesson #1: Consider a Hostel

As a well-ripened adult, you may fear that your presence in a hostel would be like that of a wrinkly prune in a basket of fresh apples. But hostels are not just for the young. Older travelers are increasingly booking stays at hostels as international hotel rates rise, and they’re finding private rooms and bathrooms,

Extraordinary Travels: Getting a Crewed Yacht Charter

The internet has all the necessary information needed to know more about crewed yacht charters. The best thing about these charters is that they are all available in almost all places in the world. Finding the best yacht charter company can be overwhelming, but it's relatively simple. The truth is, booking the sailing yacht and charter is very simple.

The first thing that you need to do before booking is to know where you are headed. Secondly, you and your family or friends must set a specific date on when you are sailing.

The destination that you are going to pick for the crewed yacht charter is the most important part of the booking process. After you finalized your destination, the next step in booking a crewed yacht charter will become easier.

The crewed sailing yacht is composed of a captain and a crew who will take good care of you while on board the yacht. You don't need to worry about handling or driving the yacht when you book crewed yacht charters, but you can take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about yacht sailing.

The crew has the knowledge

How to Avoid Being Stressed Out When Booking Car Rental Services

Although there are a lot of car rental services nowadays, it can still be difficult and stressful to make sure that you book the right one. As a matter of fact, the increase in the number of companies providing these services, even play a role when it comes to the difficulty of such a task today. So, for those of you that want to have a stress free experience when you book these types of services, here are a few things that you can try.

First and foremost, if you want to have a more stress free experience when booking these services, you should always do it ahead of time. For one, you can relax as you survey the market for your best options because you won't have that much time pressure. Additionally, booking ahead of time can also provide you with more opportunities to get better deals for the services that you need.

Taking the time to sit down and take your needs or preferences into consideration is the next thing that you should do when renting a car. Another factor that can contribute to the difficulty


(Maidenhead, UK)—According to Destination Canada’s Tourism Snapshot reports, international tourism to Canada has risen in recent years. In fact, January 2015 saw a 2.7 percent increase in international overnight visits. There is no doubt that people all over the world are recognizing Canada as a premier tourist destination, and its popularity is likely to rise in subsequent years.

It is with these statistics in mind that Holidays 2 Canada, a premier web-based direct-sell tour operator, is announcing the release of their early bird specials for 2016. The company’s experienced Canada travel professionals stand ready to assist customers in finding out how they can save up to £200 per person for departures up to 21st June 2016.

Mike Carter, a representative of Holidays 2 Canada, stated “Our travel specialists have over 40 years of experience arranging quality holidays to the best destinations in Canada and around the world. We offer the widest selection of suggested itineraries, and our professionals can help travelers tailor any of them to their individual requirements. Most of Holidays 2 Canada’s packages are unique to us and are based on our unrivaled knowledge of this beautiful country. The best part about it is that we routinely do


BUCKHORN, Ontario ­­ Catalina Bay Resort issued an update on conditions in the area this season, pointing out how an unusually slow­starting winter has opened up a host of appealing and uncommon options. Although conditions on Big Bald Lake and other bodies of water in the are predicted to be beautiful starting in the spring and summer. Visitors are already planning on enjoying plenty of natural beauty and fun things to do. Whether through shore fishing in select open water locations, enjoying pleasant hikes through the woods on warm summer days, Catalina Bay Resort has plenty to offer year round.

"With one of the mildest winters in recent memory still getting started, we're enjoying an unexpected take on the season," Catalina Bay Resort representative said, "The crisp air is wonderful to breathe and really encourages our visitors to get outside and enjoy the natural beauty that the Big Bald Lake area is known for. Just a bit more snow will have the Nordic skiing trails in the area in great shape, and there are plenty of exciting things to do in the meantime."

Stretching across much of the south­central part of the province, Ontario's Kawartha Lakes are


MAKAWAO, Hawaii -- Golden Fish Travels, a leading planner and provider of custom guided tours, announced the availability of a range of exciting new travel options. With a number of new Thailand tours now detailed at the Golden Fish Travels website, those seeking personalized, highly memorable travel arrangements are encouraged to contact the company. New Cambodia-based travel itineraries will also allow guests to experience the monumental Angkor Wat temple complex while discovering dozens of lesser-known features of that fascinating country. With a huge range of travel options and nearly forty years of experience planning and leading tours, Golden Fish Travels is one of the country's most frequently recommended partners for those seeking to travel anywhere in Asia or Africa.

"Even while the resort towns of Thailand have become well known to those who prefer to stay on the beaten path, the country still holds countless fascinating secrets for the more adventurous," Golden Fish Travels Director Anne Leveque said, "We're happy to be able to cater to both kinds of travelers and everyone in between, and we are always seeking out and visiting exciting new destinations of all kinds. As a result of our research and travel, we've just added

Why You Should Not Think Twice About Upgrading To An All-Inclusive Luxury Cruise

Competition between the many ships that sail the world's oceans is fierce because of the endless upcoming of news ships. Sometimes, some cruise lines would even offer cheaper prices just so they can entice new passengers. And while it's true that an all-inclusive luxury cruise is no little investment, the cruise fare per person does show great value when you really look into everything that's included. But it shouldn't be all about the money. If you really want an unforgettable getaway, then splurging on experiences you wouldn't ever forget is not a bad idea. So to make you luxury cruise planning a lot more interesting, listed below are some of the perks you get for upgrading.

One: Pre- and Post-Cruise Services

No matter what kind of traveler you are, you will always find airport shuttle services convenient. And unlike mass-market cruise lines that only offers bus transportation, luxury cruise lines will provide you options - bus, taxi, shared vans, or private cars.

These high-end cruise lines often also provide enticing pre- and post-cruise land packages to make the most out of your holiday.

Two: Accommodations

When you are planning for being vacationing between the time to come, there's a pretty good possibility there is some problem pertaining to best places to abandon your car or truck. A lot of people may recognize, it may be hard to exit their particular car stationed inside the parking garage that they don't know. Sad to say, there are plenty from shady people who may well try and enter this kind of auto. When this occurs, it's a challenge to trust airport car parking again.

Check out the internet site regarding Business Vibes and read this particular helpful article. This should help you for more information on the significance of discovering the right place to depart the vehicle. Needless to say, it really is good for look after these items upfront. Visit the website https://www.businessvibes.com/ for more information on making your reservation for some parking place prior to leaving in an plane. It will likely be just one significantly less thing to have to worry about. The car will be in a secure place. It could be for some days or even a thirty day period if necessary.

It can be tempting to inquire of an associate or

In the arena of real estate, among the largest investment strategies currently is definitely shopping malls. They will include a number of shops for shopping at and can be a great investment prospect. One of the leading purchasers for shopping malls is Haidar Barbouti, who possesses shopping centers through the Eastern United States.

As he has found, unfortunately, it is not sufficient to just own a shopping mall. They need to be modernized regularly to keep up with the changing times and you need to ensure you have the best sellers plus stores in your mall. This implies making certain your customers are pleased each time they shop at your own mall. This is definitely a very important factor he's great at, and it may be easily observed when you shop in any of the shopping malls he has. Past just ensuring he has the top venues for folks to shop in, he carries on to upgrade the look of the shops. He also guarantees there are numerous places for folks to eat at and, when he couldn't find the perfect restaurant for just one of his malls, he opened his very own.

If you wish to read more about him

An Amazing Trip for the Kids

Numerous and various activities are actually available which you can do with you kids which is the reason as to why there is no need to worry about this. As a matter of fact, you will be able to choose from a lot of activities in this country so it was a good idea to bring your family here.

Your kids will for sure be amazed with the wildlife that they will be able to see and they will also be able to have the chance to see the most beautiful scenery in the world. One of the many things that is guaranteed when you will be able to pay a visit to this country is that you will want to come back again and again.

One activity that you can do with your kids is to pay a visit to this popular mountain range that has been able to attract artists, walkers and climbers as well. Furthermore, this mountain range is being divided into two peaks which is the black and the red one. Having two peaks means also that you will have two activities to choose from: you can either choose to

The British Virgin Islands Yacht Lease Centers: The Best Way to See the British Virgin Islands

A British Virgin Islands Yacht Lease center enables you to discover more of the British Virgin Islands, also known in general as BVI, than you could of have perceived imaginable. A number of them unaffected by civilization and pristine, the British Virgin Islands, an archipelago, have more than 60 distinct islands and isles.

Few of the best beaches which are located in the Caribbean have sheltered bays, coves, impressive boulders and coral reefs. Lavish green valleys and rolling hills will often be backed by this when encountered.

The most excellent way to encounter all of this is by definitely opting for one of the multiple British Virgin Islands Yacht Rentals. Sailing on the British Virgin Islands is made possible for you by selecting from many distinctive choices.

The first choice in going to the British Virgin Islands is the Crewed Charters, where in you can hire a captain and a crew and rent any kind of boat from a Power Boat to a catamaran. To view the British Virgin Islands in a more pleasant way, you are allowed to have, drinks and meals, a

Quite a few imagine travelling abroad, however let anxiety about the unknown to hang them back from truly reaching their goal. With the aid of the essential guide to travelling abroad, this particular problem will no longer have to actually be a concern. The very first thing which usually needs to be established is exactly where you want to journey as well as what you desire to get from your getaway. Australia is perfect for individuals who desire action, while France is perfect for those looking for a quiet trip. Next, decide who'll be taking this getaway with you. If you're vacationing for the very first time, you may find that you wish to take the trip with a close friend, especially an individual who has gone in foreign countries in the past. You'll need to look for travel accommodations that fit into your budget and the spending plan of your vacationing companion along with appropriate accommodations. Don't forget to take some time to learn the ideal periods during the year for travel to your desired destination. For people who don't have youngsters, travel accommodations may be less expensive whenever children are in school, since places to stay often

If you like yoga exercises and you really are searching for the best trip, you might go on a bali yoga retreat in the next year. It is possible to start planning your trip whenever you want, and get prepared for a calming, meditative trip that can enable you to escape from almost everything that transpires in the course of this year. The hustle and bustle at work can disappear from your brain when you participate in yoga courses taught by educated plus expert trainers.

When you decide to leave on a yoga retreat bali, there are a few different offers you'll be able to select from. Those range in cost based on the period of time you spend within the retreat, which happens to be normally 4, 7 or 11 days and nights. Every one incorporates international airport pick-up, 2 daily classes, everyday meditation, a shared room, breakfast every day and lunchtime, plus a minimum of one particular cultural affair. Your accommodations happen to be in a Five star motel with all the amenities you'll need. Even when you are just starting out, you'll be able to get pleasure from everything that the retreat gives.

If you wish to proceed

Everybody is expecting to employ a chauffeur service Sydney (hugheslimousines.com.au) for any special events associated with daily life, pertaining to chauffeur driven car vacation is indeed, unique! Thus regardless of whether it is a pension celebration, any prom day, or a hens celebration, it is definitely essentially the most luxurious approach to travel. Even so, you'll find different alternative instances when any limo is not just the best way to travel, but also the most functional, mixing convenience along with functionality. In addition to being the most fashionable wedding transfer available, a limousine solutions are also a most intelligent way of corporate and business move as it enables one to go on with your work when in travel inside of a quiet and also safe ambiance that is definitely tailored to the organization executive's needs while away from home. No need to bother with airport taxis, take a position in queues or to battle with traffic as you drive oneself. Alternatively, you'll reach your desired destination prepared, relaxed as well as restored, all set to go! Once you supply your personal corporate and business seminar guests with chauffeur driven car airport terminal move, you honor them with the most


(Barcelona, Spain)-- Barcelona receives around 9 million visitors per year and ranks among the top European destinations when choosing where to visit for the quality of its food and gastronomy, stunning architecture and history. While travelers' primary points of interest during their stays are local cuisine and culture, most remain confined to typical and well-known areas of the city.

This comes as no surprise to Andre Arriaza, spokesperson and co-founder of Barcelona Eat Local Food Tours whose passion for the city´s history and signature culinary offerings has been growing since his arrival in 2006. Along with his partner Marina Manasyan, and the surging enthusiasm for these aspects, the duo launched one of the best food tours in off beaten Barcelona.

Andre mentions, "We loved our new home in Barcelona from the moment we arrived, and it didn't take long for us to become Mediterranean food lovers. We began taking notes on every food haunt we stumbled upon as well as the history and stories surrounding them". Marina complements "We realized this wasn't something to be kept secret, so we decided to share it with everyone. This is how our food tours came to be, and our signature food tour in trendy Sant Antoni


(Raleigh, NC November 2, 2015) Jet Set Tourism, a leading luxury travel network Virtuoso® member, announces the expansion of the company, by becoming the newest Virtuoso® Branch in Raleigh, NC. Jet Set Tourism is the sister company to Jet Set Viagens of Brazil, a premier luxury travel agency veteran and the official destination manager for Cannes, France.

Demand for professional travel planning has shown a sharp increase, even with the vast online travel options available, especially when it comes to luxury, adventure, and customized trips. Jet Set Tourism meets that demand.

Jet Set Tourism is actively developing a website that connects travel agents to luxury travelers. Participating travel agents can feature special offers on www.bookjetset.com or, for a turnkey option, they can opt to create a white label experience of their own. With some of the highest commissions in the industry, travel agents are lining up to be approved as a JST Luxury Liaison.

What do travelers get when they visit the site? Choices.

Travelers can:

  • Book a prepackaged offer
  • Custom fit and book a vacation package on their own: cruises, resorts, air, car  rental, or activities
  • Forgo the work and be assigned a dedicated Luxury Liaison, to create the perfect trip without ever lifting

A luxurious waterfront home is the dream of many and Vogue Holiday Homes Gold Coast (www.vogueholidayhomes.com) can help to make this specific desire a fact. The provider offers a boutique assortment of homes that will meet this specific requirements for rental properties. Choose a residence inside an outstanding location, whether you need a residence appropriate for a married couple, a family unit, or even a friendly get together. People who opt to use one of these rental residences discover they'll be given the full experience within the Gold Coast, since it provides a great deal more than a condo or hotel. Anybody can rent confidently as the provider makes certain the homes will be cared for at the highest level plus the service is invariably exceptional. Furthermore, staff members offer guest visitors advice to make certain their trip is perfect from start to finish. People opting to visit learn they get easy ways to access a multitude of attractions, including Convention Center, Pacific Fair, Robina Town Centre, Harbour Town, and Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. As you explore the area, you need to be sure you never miss out on certain things. Some type of amusement park should invariably be among

Have a Glimpse at the the Best Yacht Charters

Extravagant yachts are actually hotels that are floating at your command. They differ in length from about 100 feet to 300 feet or more, and a week's lease is rated between 50000 to 250000 US dollars. They can cater up to two dozen of people and 50 percent of the crew member.

In addition to the living room on the deck that is furnished with table, sofa and chairs, a usual luxurious yacht has air-conditioned state rooms that are so spacious which could cater a lot of guests and also has an independent comfort room. In addition, the yacht also has a well-stocked bar and a kitchen so as to cater the appetite of the guests.

Once you lease a yacht for your most-awaited vacation, it is definite that you will have to contact the captain as well as the chef directly in advance of your scheduled trip which will make the crew know all of your favored foods and drinks as well as your favored things to do.

Living in luxury on board the yacht, without a doubt, you can definitely have a quality time with your family or other

The Different Advantages of Going for Crewed Yacht Charters

When it comes to having a great sailing vacation and enjoying a very special one, The crewed charter yacht means that if you are uncertain about the ability to navigate the yacht or you don't own a nautical certificate, then you shouldn't worry because the captain is there to help you with this.

The crew members will vary depending on the yacht's size that you plan to charter for the next sailing trip and the needs that you have while aboard. So many charter yachts provide a chef and captain who can serve as host or the first officer. For the bigger boats, the captain may be assisted by a third person on the crew. Those small to medium sized boats may carry two to six persons. The 2 yachts can carry about 8 guests but not more. Every crew member is trained properly and is very knowledgeable regarding the tasks which they must perform aboard.

It is the responsibility of the captain to bring you to you destination on the shoulders of the captain and also the other staff of the crewed yacht charter. A charterer will be able to

What You Can Get Out of Yacht Charters

Sailing is a means of recreation for most people. There is an excitement and joy in feeling the sea breeze and witnessing beautiful landscapes during holidays. Sailing recreationally can also be known as cruising, racing, or yachting. When you race on a sailboat across the shores or along a coast, this would mean yachting.

When you are at your vacation, yacht chartering can be an option for a fun outdoor activity. Yachting could be long distance or short and it could last for short trips or for a longer period of time.

People on their holiday trips can usually hire a yacht from companies who provide them for chartering purposes. They have a selection of different motor yachts and luxury ones that can go to different coasts and islands. When you hire a yacht charter company, you can avail of good deals and rates that they are offering. You can choose the kind of yachts you would like depending on how many people will be going with you.

These yacht chartering companies employ marketing professionals with vast knowledge of the industry in order to market themselves to clients all

Cost-Effective Cars for Rent

When you seek for a cost-effective car rental, a whole heap of people would like to rent a car in advance for their business or holiday getaway. Generally, most of the business trips will necessitate a car rental unless you will be picked up at the airdrome. Taking advantage of the company car is highly recommended for short trips, but for long distance travels or even abroad, then it is advisable that you opt to rent a car in order for you to save some cash and save yourself from the hassles.

The holiday car rentals can be even more vital to a lot of people, most especially if they have huge families with two adults and three to four kids. It is bad enough to have two kids sitting at the back of a small car, so how much more if there are three to four? You definitely understand what we mean.

If you are planning to go on a vacation with your whole family, you may need a 4x4 or a people carrier in order to accommodate your whole family and for them to travel comfortably, free from complaints. You certainly won't be able