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Located on the estuary of Yangtze River, Chongming Island is the third largest island in China. Being the largest alluvial island at the estuary of a river and the largest sand island in the world, Chongming Island is also acclaimed as “Door to the Yangtze River, Yingzhou Island (a celestial mountain in fairy tales of ancient China) in the East China Sea”. Chongming Island has been in existence for more than 1,300 years. Now, it covers an area of 1,267 square kilometers (489 square miles), with a population of 635,000.

The whole island is flat in terms of terrain, with fertile soil, luxuriant forests and abundant resources. As a result, Chongming Island has become a famous region where the cultivation of rice and the breeding of fish flourish.

Green Farmland

According to a survey by an authoritative institution, the negative oxygen ion amount in the Chongming Island reaches up to 1,000 per cubic centimeter, and more in Dongping National Forest Park between 10,000 and 20,000. In contrast, the negative oxygen ion amount is only between 10 and 20 per cubic centimeter in the public places of the city and between 100 and 200 in the green land of the

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A snapshot of Karla's life as a photographer

Karla Darocas talks to My Destination Alicante about her love of photography.

First of all, I would like you to know that I am born and raised in Canada. I married a Spaniard and I love living and being here in Spain. I am grateful to Spain in so many ways, mostly artistically.

Because I was raised rural, surrounded by nature and adorable little wild animals, I was always interested in beauty.

Grandpa taught me to look out the window and find a corner of beauty and try and sketch it out. He showed me how to see the simplicity that made me smile. And together we would try and sketch it.  To manifest the beauty and let it make us happy even more.

Photography: I had every kind of camera growing up. I loved to capture beauty and photography was quicker than sketching.

When I was 16, I did some reporting for my hometown newspaper. The deal was that I had to take the photos to go with a written report. Unlike today with digital cameras, I was given one roll of film – 12 shots. I had to be fast

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How to Get Good Deals on Jackson Hole Hotels Jackson Hole is a town in Wyoming that hosts a variety of restaurants, pubs, boutiques, and galleries. It provides great biking, hiking, and other outdoor activities. There are many hotels in Jackson Hole providing different types of foods and for various budgets. You are sure to find a suitable place regardless of whether you are looking for simplicity or luxury, convenience or solitude, modern or rustic. If you are planning a vacation in Jackson Hole or if you are traveling for pleasure or for a purpose, definitely you will need a place to stay. Here are tips to help you get the best deals when booking Jackson Hole hotels. Many people, these days rely on the internet when planning for vacations. From booking flights, cars, and hotels, there are many travel search engines where you can get instant price quotes whenever you need them.
A Simple Plan For Researching Services
Online hotel reservations is increasingly becoming popular with the advancement in technology today. Online reservations is highly recommended since it is convenient, inexpensive, and could allow you to discover all alternatives for the convenience

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Imagine a backpacker and you might envision an unanchored youth with well-worn jeans and limitless endurance. But backpacking is about much more than gap-year students and gritty hostels. Backpacking is about adventure and independence — and it’s one of the cheapest ways to take a trip, which is why older travelers, travelers on a budget, and even those who prefer private bathrooms and upscale cuisine shouldn’t snub the ways of the wily backpacker.

Adopt the mindset of a backpacker and improve your travel savvy. In an uncertain economic environment, the lessons backpackers can teach us about traveling on the cheap are positively priceless. From packing an ultra-light bag (you can rub your six-pound pack in the noses of nickel-and-diming airlines) to finding affordable food and accommodations, backpackers truly know how to travel.

Lesson #1: Consider a Hostel

As a well-ripened adult, you may fear that your presence in a hostel would be like that of a wrinkly prune in a basket of fresh apples. But hostels are not just for the young. Older travelers are increasingly booking stays at hostels as international hotel rates rise, and they’re finding private rooms and bathrooms,

Things to Consider in Selecting a Suitable Place for a Family Vacation Planning for a family vacation is already one that's fun and awesome for the whole family. But, the selection process of your destination can be confusing sometimes because there are tons of amazing places that you could go to. But, this confusion can be given with a solution through considering the things below: One vital thing that you need to consider in selecting a place would be to where your kids could run around. These should be places to where it could induce smiles and giggles. This needs to be a place to where your kids will be able to freely roam around. You should also consider getting family bonding time with fresh air. It is actually best that you try to get away as much as possible from the stresses and smoke that the city has and try to take your family to beautiful landscapes and scenery to where you could breathe refreshing and fresh air.
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It is also best that you choose a place to where the family could connect with each other for a while

Campervan Hire: Be Comfortable and Luxurious If you want to be able to have that perfect holiday with the mix of comfort, adventure, luxury and excitement then the perfect choice for you is the campervan hire. One of the things that you will be able to notice with the campervan hire is that there has indeed been a lot of improvement compared to when they first came out. A gypsy kind of life and a carefree life is as a matter of fact what the campervan hire symbolized in the earlier times. Since there are already changes in the campervan hire, you can say that what you see in today's time can really offer you the luxury that you need. What is so great about the campervans in today's time is that they are fully furnished with the best quality furniture and are spacious as well. Cooking, sleeping and dining is as a matter of fact also possible since these sections have been divided already. In simple words, it is safe to say that no matter what you do at home you can now do it in your campervan hire. It does not matter from what income

Are You Ready for a Luxury Cruise? Luxury cruises, although expensive, is not just really for those who can afford it, but more for people who love to travel, and meet people who have the same interests. The cost of the cruise are usually the least in these people's minds, but what they are after is the experience of being in a 5 star luxury accommodations with the best of personal service that one can get. On a luxury cruise there is a very high level of personal service given to everyone on board. Luxury cruise staff have good training on how to treat the guests the moment they step on board. On board the ship, you will experience an ambiance which is classy and sociable and guests will be seen going around enjoying the company of other passengers while sipping wine or enjoying the cuisine. The cuisine in these luxury cruise ships are cut above those provided on commercial lines. There are courteous staff serving your food and the whole mealtime experience is something pleasing. If you are not the socializing type of person, then you can still enjoy the cuisine in your stateroom.

Finding The Right Camping Cookware Through the years, it has been a given fact that more people have been very interested with the idea of traveling. When people are too bothered about their work, they try their best to find ways on how they could reduce the amount of stress that they are feeling. If you want to make sure that you get to enjoy the break that you have, camping can be a part of your plan. If you are thinking that camping is a good idea to take some rest, it would be better if you go to a place that is far from your home. Since you are willing to push your plan of camping in a far location, it is better if you equip yourselves with the right information. When you camp, you have to make sure that all your needs are met during the trip. If you want to make sure that everything turns out well in your vacation, you will need to bring some important tools with you. It is normal for campers to go hungry as they go their activities which would require them to bring a good

What Camping Hammocks Are All About Spending time on a camping trip with your friends and loved ones is always a worthwhile bonding time and interaction. Nature provides ways for you to enjoy the great outdoors, or simply just feeling the vibe of the natural landscape around you. Camping provides these things so you can enjoy and maximize your time with nature. However, there is an item that you should not forget on your checklist when you go out camping. People forget bringing this item with them during camping, and also since it is not a common household item, but it is essential. Backpacking hammocks should always be brought along with you since it is an important materials for sleeping when spending the night in a natural landscape. There are a lot of various kinds of backpacking hammock and so preparing yourself with the financial capability to invest in them is important. Where To Find Backpacking Hammocks Before starting to view backpacking hammocks in stores that will be used during camping trips with family and friends, it is important that you know what you need and you know how much you will be spending. It is important

Travel Irons: A Buying Guide If you want to dress in the best way you can for business, you need to make sure it is possible even when you are traveling so much. You have to look good for a business meeting of any kind because it will help you get more opportunities and higher positions for the progress of your career. The clothes you wear have to be pristine and even getting wrinkles on it while traveling is not acceptable at all; you will need to find a solution for this at once. You need to make sure that you have crisp clothing at all times because this would truly be everything you need and more. Taking your clothes to the dry cleaners is a good solution but not the best one; read on to find out more of what the best solutions are. Taking advantage of your options would be the first step because that's how you get the best products as well. You can listen to people's advice about more popular brands of products which would be able to smoothen your clothes. You have to choose good brands at all times because

The Importance of Buying Travel Pillows It is for sure that you would want the time to fly by when you are traveling by either through the road, plane, rail or car. As a matter of fact, getting a sound and good sleep is actually the best way in order to be able to achieve this. The use of the travel pillows is however important so that you will be able to achieve this kind of sleep. The use of the travel blanket and travel pillows is actually of great importance if you want to be able to make sure that you will be able to get a good sleep when you will travel. There is a lot of difference when you will be making use of travel pillows and you have to keep in mind that these are different from the pillows that you have at home when you go to sleep. The ordinary pillows and the travel pillows actually have a lot of differences with them and that is the first thing that you should know. A good example of this is that it will now be easier for you to be able to travel

The Advantages of Getting Cheap Holiday Packages There are many things to consider when planning a vacation. Where to rent a car, cheapest flights or making reservations in best priced hotels are some of the few things to plan ahead for. It is typical for a first time traveler to be unsure of what to look for in travel packages. For that reason, travel companies have combination deals that include cheap vacation packages. This is helpful when you have no more time to put together a plan for travelling cheap. As far as cheap holiday packages are concerned, you get all the things you would possibly require from the trip in the most convenient way possible whether it is the first time you go out of the country or not. Your travel package would typically put together hotel reservations, flight tickets, entry to several amusement parks or tourist spots, etc. In short, you can have everything you possibly need and pay only one fee. Rather than taking the risk of blindly hopping into several separate deals, getting a holiday package is a more affordable choice. However, you need to be flexible in the places you want to

Handy Tips for Getting Cheap, Last-minute Holiday Deals Getting on a holiday is something several families want to do every year, not only to escape the cold climate but also to have a well-deserved vacation from work or school. For those hunting down inexpensive, last ditch travel deals for travelers, the following are tips for enjoying memorable holiday experiences at reasonable prices: First of all, stay versatile in terms of your travel dates. By doing so, you can have a lot more options and you will have more freedom in making your travel plans. It should also be worth considering travelling during off-peak season for lower prices, though this is evidently a problem for families who want to travel with school age children. No matter if you are confined to travelling during a school holiday period, you would still more likely to enjoy low-cost, eleventh-hour holiday deals for travelers by being more adaptable in your planned travel dates.
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Flexibility also means seeing into what days of the week are the most pocket-friendly to travel on. According to the pros, Tuesday is the best day to travel since there is a lack

Days Out in Dorset: What is the Best Place to Choose When Going to Dorset? There will be a number of places that one can choose from when they are planning to have a break from work or whatever reason they may have and the places that most people would prefer to go ranges from woods, beaches, streams, coastline, meadows, and hills. If you are deciding to plan your days out in Dorset, then you should enjoy your stay there as the number of possible options that you could choose from could range greatly. If you choose to go out in sandy beaches, then you should be able to enjoy your stay while you are out with kids as you play on the shorelines, building dams and sandcastles. In the event that you will be looking to have a picnic or stay in a place where the nature is one with people, then going to iron age or nature reserves in Dorset will be a great thing to consider. If you choose to visit iron age places, then the Hambledon Hill or the Maiden Castle will be the place for you because here, you could re-imagine how


MINDEN, Nev. -- One of the most highly regarded travel accessory companies on Amazon gets an adventurous new name, as Landing Gear becomes Venture4th. The rebranding reflects both the evolution of the company as well as its vision for the future, with an informative new website now online at www.Venture4th.co to support the move.

Visitors to the new site will find information about the full range of the company's popular, innovative travel accessories, from an RFID-safe money belt or neck pouch to a heavy-duty, TSA-approved luggage lock. Designed to keep travelers and their possessions safe and secure as they explore the world, Venture4th's products are available at the company's e-commerce store and through its Amazon.com storefront.

"We're happy to announce that Landing Gear has been rebranded as Venture4th," company representative Patrica Wright said, "The new brand even better reflects what we and our loyal customers are about, emphasizing the way that we all love to seek out everything the world has to offer. Even as we begin this new stage of our journey, we're committed to building on the great success we enjoyed as Landing Gear, with the same dedication to quality, value, and product innovation. We think our customers

Party Non-stop: Rent A Party Bus In the United States, the parties go non-stop even as it moves from one place to another. It is the craze, nowadays. And why not? You can even save on the price of gas that you would have had to shell out if you were to drive your own car. And while on route, you can start or continue to party, even. Renting a party bus is a very convenient way of ferrying all the party guests together in one vehicle so the fun can continue non-stop. The wedding usually needs to be held in the church and the party bus can then gather up all the guests and bring them to where they are to have their dinner. You might prefer to dine at a plush restaurant, first, and then bring all your guests to your favorite nightclub where you can dance the night away. It can be a lot of trouble if your guests were to transfer somewhere else for the rest of the party. Moreover, by renting a party bus, the party can continue on board without disruption. Hourly billing
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Individuals who wish to get out to discover the planet could wish to think about volunteering in a place far away from their home. There are many advantages of this, such as the possiblity to volunteer with a number of animals they might not get to see up close where they live with the exception of inside a zoo. There are certainly many different kinds of animals they're able to volunteer to help in many different spots, so there are a lot of choices for the person to select from.

A person who really loves volunteering with animals as well as really wants to help somewhere away from their particular neighborhood may want to think about becoming a volunteer along with a company that will send them overseas in order to help with the animals. A lot of people think of this as an exciting as well as prolonged getaway, and also they are doing something to be able to help the animals abroad. Usually, their own housing and also food will be taken care of during the time they volunteer, although they'll be required to buy their travel arrangements to and from the location they're volunteering in. Nonetheless, this


(Ft. Lauderdale, FL)—Carefree Yacht Charters has recently announced that they are now booking summer vacations for those who are considering BVI crewed yacht charters at the end of this current 2015/2016 season. The Carefree staff stands ready to offer their expertise and advice on the best crewed yachts as well as assisting with all phases of the vacation booking process. Those who would like to inquire about summer bookings are encouraged to give their staff a call or fill out and submit the contact form on their website.

Lynne Campbell, the founder of Carefree Yacht Charters, commented “Summer is right around the corner, and there’s no better summer activity that we can think of than planning for a relaxing BVI or Caribbean crewed yacht charter. Right now is prime time for booking, as many clients are starting to make their plans for the summer season. Our team here at Carefree Yacht Charters has made it our mission to assist our clients in making sure that they have the best vacation possible. This means listening to their needs and desires and recommending what we believe will be the yacht charter that best fits that description. We serve our clients by

Get The Best Town Car Service A town car is historically a type of transportation with open front seats, closed rear compartment, and removable top. Depending on its type, the town car mostly can accommodate ten or more people. Many travellers opt to get town cars as their mode of transportation during their trip because of their functionality. They are the cars of choice among people for night outs, weddings, proms and also business activities. Travelling all over the town in your hired town car limousine is proven to be easier on the budget and more comfortable than riding a cab. Aside from affordability, town car limos are the top choices because they are also convenient, reliable and luxurious. After you get out of town from your travel on air or sea, you might be thinking of what ride to take you to your next stop. If you need a ride, many car rental companies have different types of cars like sedans, limos and town cars driven by experienced chauffeurs. These services given by car rental companies not only provide the needed transportation but you can also travel in luxury and style. There is no need to

Limousine Rentals For Luxurious Travel There are many occasions where rental limousines is more convenient for travel rather than using one's own car. Companies operating limousine rental services make it possible for people to enjoy the luxuries of riding in a chauffeur-driven limousine. Oftentimes, people utilize rental limo service for airport transport. Limos are also rented for weddings (usually as bridal cars), concerts, proms, birthday parties, anniversaries and other special occasions where arrival in style is desired. Famous personalities attending the Oscars Night often set foot onto the red carpet from sleek black rental limos (though limousines may also come in various colors). A client can enjoy a superb limo ride by providing the rental firm travel plan details, so that the latter can determine the most suitable limo type to be used. People opt for limos more often because of riding comfort, with enough leg-room or space for passengers. Saloon cars can be longer than regular five-pax sedans, with models having from 4 up to 10 passenger capacities. There are SUV limousine models (e.g., Navigator, Escalade or Excursion) that can seat 14 - 22 people. The driver/front seats and the passenger area (or compartment) of a

Seattle Limos: Picking Out the Best You now have planned your affair. Things are all in shape and ready to go. Method of travel is the lone item you haven't set up. Whenever you are taking into consideration getting a limo provider, there are various issues you ought to know first. Your limo really should appear as great as a person does on that event. A limo often makes you appear and feel as if you were a millionaire. It delivers more room in the automotive and a safe and sound drive. When evaluating the right limo facility, consult your pals and relatives for referrals. Individuals who have employed limo companies previously and are certainly pleased with company are the best style of promotion for the limo provider. Your friends and family members can discuss their limo experience, and any person will remember the adventure. They usually have both helpful and unfavorable facts to inform you of the limo. Checking your colleagues and family for limo advice is the foremost kick off point should you be considering a limo facility for your travelling necessities.
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Following that, you

Why You Should Opt for Mexico Rental Properties Are you looking for an alternative during your getaway and stay away from resorts? If yes, then, there must be a better way of killing that boredom. Many travelers who find it boring and expensive to stay in hotels these days opt to go for vacation rentals. Rentals are way to pocket friendly compared to hotel rates. Furthermore, in a rental, one can accommodate all his family members in separate rooms. The availability of privacy allows couples or honeymooners time discuss private issues. Adventurers looking for a splendid getaway in a remarkable hot place ought to visit Mexico coast. World over, Mexico is recognized is one of the most famous destination for travelers. The place has multitude of things to amaze you and team. Its serene environment and warm beaches ignite the place. If you are planning to spend considerable amount of time in your vacation, you can choose to stay in affordable and secure rentals. One of the essential benefits of going for rentals is that you and your family are accorded private life away from crowd found in hotels or resorts. In addition, if you are on

Find Out The Tips That You Can Use When Choosing A Travel Agency Even though you are still on the preparation period, you must never neglect yourself with the feeling of excitement especially if summer holiday is coming. Since you are still on the planning phase of your vacation, you can actually take a pick on many the options presented to especially on how should you arrange a wonderful vacation that will be enjoyed the most by your family, apart from you. Surely, you do not want to trouble yourself with stuffs like reservations and transaction so the best choice for you is to employ a travel agency to do the planning for you. The travelling industry has gone a major transformation and became so sophisticated that the chaotic tasks being done before can now be simply done. The new phase in the travelling industry has open for new possibilities such as flourishing recruitment as well as having some travel guides that will keep their customers updated while they are travelling. For travel agents, they know that keeping the interest and satisfaction of their client is of utmost importance that is why they volunteer themselves to make

Choosing A Coach Bus Company The number of coach bus companies in Australia is very high. Without following some guidelines, finding an appropriate coach bus company can be quite hard. To simplify the exercise of hiring a good coach bus company, the client has to follow some tips. First and foremost, the client has to determine the reason for hiring the bus. In determining the right size of the bus, one has to take into account the number of passengers expected to use it. The area of operation of the coach bus company should also be considered by the client. The safety record of the coach bus company has to be determined. The safety record of the coach bus record has to be impressive. The client should also seek to know the condition of the bus that will be rent out in advance. The age of the coach should also be determined by the client. The coach Bus Company should always have a relief driver. A tired driver is more likely to occasion an accident. It is good to establish whether the bus has a restroom. To operate in a specific area, the coach has to have